After Covid-19

We have all endured the most extraordinary global event – one which affects the travel industry in the most fundamental way. None of us know exactly how it will play out from here and no amount of data, knowledge or experience can guarantee success.

But just because you can’t predict the future doesn’t mean you can’t plan for it.

This is the time to challenge every component of your business structure and to develop new strategies for the changed world ahead. Most people talk about a ‘new normal’ but our belief is that after a period of adjustment, normal is just the reality in which we all exist.

At Swift, we know that our friends and colleagues from across the travel industry are going through difficult times. We also know that the best businesses will have started to pivot away from ‘survival’ and to think about to set-up for the future & how to grow again. If you are finding this a daunting challenge or struggling to find the right answers, feel free to call on perspectives drawn from our 75+ years of experience in the industry across multiple sectors.

Our Covid-19 Support Packages include (with free initial consultation) a focus on:

  • Strategy Evaluation – Make the right choices at the right time for your business
  • Strategy Execution –  Implement these choices & track their effectiveness
  • Digitalisation –  build a platform on which stronger foundations for growth can be built.
  • Functional Projects – solve a department-level issue with a deep-dive & brainstorm on how to generate new sales impetus, launch a new product & review supply capabilities.
  • Cost Control – difficult decisions need to made & we can help prioritise those & share experience of what works & what doesn’t.
  • Joint Ventures / M&A – the opportunity for businesses to combine & consolidate remains a key driver of value. Our connections globally may be able to facilitate conversations & recommend a pathway to the deal you need.
  • We believe mergers may be more attractive after Covid-19 as like-minded businesses develop plans to survive and thrive in a changed world.

Please contact us for more information & to set up a (free) initial discussion.