We do not compare ourselves to the traditional consulting companies, as we are 100% dedicated to the travel industry. That is how we have forged our careers. We also do not simply present a plan and walk away – we remain committed in all of our engagements to delivering until the execution phase if that is what is required to deliver a successful outcome for our customers. We are also prepared to ask the questions and challenge where others will not. We do not have an agenda – we aim to provide objective and impartial advice.

We only work with travel companies, or companies which are aiming to establish themselves in the travel & hospitality eco-system. We have considerable experience of working with all the typical travel segments: Airlines, Tour Operators, Hotel chains, Online Travel Agencies, BedBanks, Destination Management Companies, Travel technology and software providers, Tourist Boards, and Tours and Activities businesses. We can cover both B2B and B2C business models.

We are based in the UK – but have experienced working in most major geographies and would be happy to consider working in any region globally. Our work over the past 25 years has been with international companies, so as long as our customer is happy with our base in the UK then we are happy to travel as needed to deliver the project brief.

It will depend on the type of engagement and the expertise required – we offer a highly flexible model which allows a choice between per day rates, or a fixed price for a specific deliverable project, which could be more complex in nature and where the three directors are all heavily involved.  For ongoing dedicated advice & consultancy services we generally work on a retained basis, which can be agreed during an initial discovery phase. Please also see our fees section for more information

No. We are happy to consider any interesting project – we aim not just to provide one-off pieces of work, but to create long-lasting, meaningful partnerships with our customers, where we can consistently add value, help them continue to grow and be as prepared as possible for any future challenges.

We would need to evaluate each proposal on its merits, but we have worked in interim roles previously, and have current and past NED & board advisory experience across a range of companies, so we are more than open to this type of partnership.