Our Fees

Unlike most other consultancy companies, we don’t obsess about fees. We recognise that fees are an essential part of our discussions, but it’s better to agree the principles of the project before entering into detailed breakdowns on any charges we need to make.

Our model is based on agility and flexibility – and because we are small & focused on the travel & hospitality space, we can adapt ourselves to whatever payment model suits our customer best. Given the challenges caused by Covid 19, this flexibility is more important than ever.

Our fee structures can be tailored using the following:

  • Fixed Price Project – you tell us what you would like us to do, for how long & we will define a fixed fee arrangement so you have complete certainty on costs. We don’t charge ‘incidentals’ so you know that when you get a fixed price from us, it’s exactly that. This model is most suitable for those with a clear idea of what is required – for example, a strategy review & strategy re-write, departmental project or similar.
  • Daily Fee Project – a highly flexible model which fixes the price per day of work, and we work to a target number of days per month or over the lifetime of the contract. This guarantees you a certain number of hours & can allow for additional days (or fewer) depending on progress & your own priorities. This model is most suitable for those with a more general need for advice, and for projects which require execution. The model works well for departmental projects when working with a Head of department or senior manager unable to commit exact amounts of time each week.
  • Retainer Model –a commitment-based model which recognises the need for a longer-term involvement (outside of a defined project) and where you prefer us to be ‘on hand’ and ‘at your disposal’ for whatever is needed at the time. This model buys you our services over a longer period & lets you set the agenda around that. This model is most suited to longer-term engagements where the goal is not easily defined at first, and where the board or senior management want to draw on regular, independent advice – in the form of advisory or non-executive director responsibilities.
  • Combination Model – this allows different elements of our work together to be paid differently. This is currently in use where an non-executive director retainer is required alongside a standard consultancy project where a fixed fee or daily rate is applied.


Our payment terms are always discussed with you & agreed as part of the contract. We provide you with a full list of inclusions & allow you to stipulate any exceptions or one-off items which we can cover in the terms.

We don’t obsess about fees. We will work out a deal which is attractive for you & appealing to us. From there we can get on with delivering what you need, because we believe that what will really define us is the quality of our contribution to your business.